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I have questions on how to enter the sweepstakes?
Visit the Help page for details on how to enter the sweepstakes.

Where do Fan Fair X meet & greets occur?
Fan Fair X is located inside the Music City Center (entrance at 5th Avenue & Demonbreun). Click here for a full map of the festival.

Do I need meet & greet tickets to meet the stars at Fan Fair X?
In most cases, NO. Most meet & greets do not require tickets.
In some cases, YES. A select few meet & greets require tickets that are distributed through the Ultimate Fan Experiences Online Drawing. This system helps ensure crowd safety is maintained inside Fan Fair X.

Do I need tickets for any of the stages inside Fan Fair X?
If you are a 4-day ticket holder or have purchased a Fan Fair X ticket then no.

Is there a schedule?
You can view the latest artist times and schedule by clicking here.

If I won tickets to an HGTV Lodge Performance through the drawing, where do they occur?
The exclusive performances will take place at the HGTV Lodge located in Fan Alley. Click here for a full map of the festival.

Do I need a ticket to see the performances at the HGTV Lodge?
Yes, tickets are required for entry to the performances at the HGTV Lodge and are distributed through the Ultimate Fan Experiences online drawing.

How do I enter to win Ultimate Fan Experiences?
  • Create an account online Thursday, May 26 (10:00am/Central) - Tuesday, May 31 (11:59am/Central) and follow instructions to submit the entry.
  • Winning entries receive (2) tickets to that experience.
  • Some Artists are participating in multiple experiences. A winning entry will only have access to the experience outlined in the winner confirmation.

How many Ultimate Fan Experiences can I win?
Each entry can win only one Artist-specific Ultimate Fan Experience Prize (i.e. a meet and greet).

If I win how many tickets do I get?
Each winner will get 2 tickets.

When will I know if/what I've won?
  • You will receive an email on or about Friday, June 3 when the winners have been chosen.
  • You will need to log back into your account online to find out. If you have been chosen, all of the details of the Ultimate Fan Experience will be included in a winner confirmation page.
  • If for some reason you do not receive an email, simply log into your account after Friday to find out.

What do I do if I won an Ultimate Fan Experience?
  • Winners must pick up their Ultimate Fan Experience tickets at least 2 hours prior to scheduled start of the event.
  • Winners must present the confirmation page (either printed or on phone) when picking up tickets.
  • Winners must present a photo ID. (Minors without a valid photo ID must have a guardian accompany them. Guardian must present a photo ID and sign for the tickets.)
  • Only the winner (or guardian of a minor) with a valid photo ID will be authorized to pick up tickets.
  • Selling of Ultimate Fan Experience tickets is prohibited.
  • Pick-up Location: Music City Center (main entrance at 5th Ave. and Demonbreun)
  • Pick-up Days/Times:Wed – Wednesday, June 8 - Saturday, June 11 from 9:30 AM to 5 PM, and Sunday, June 12 from 9:30 AM to 2 PM.

Are there other chances to meet and get up close to all of the stars?
  • Yes, there are still many chances for you to meet and get up close to all of the stars inside Fan Fair X at the Music City Center!
  • Join Walk-Right-Up Lines for hundreds of artists! The majority of meet & greets do not require tickets! Simply join these lines inside Fan Fair X and meet the stars!
  • Hit up the Fan Hopeful Area inside Fan Fair X. This is an overflow area where fans gather to wait for a chance to join a meet & greet for an artist whose tickets have already been distributed. If the artist has additional time, then fans from the Fan Hopeful Area will have a chance to meet the artist!
  • Follow CMA on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, plus download the CMA Fest mobile app! Stay connected to get announcements on other potential ticket opportunities.

My question or issue hasn't been answered. What should I do?
Need additional help or support? Email: support@fanfairx.com

I have other questions about the show?
If you have general questions related to CMA Fest such as scheduling or logistics, email comments@cmaworld.com. This mailbox is actively monitoring and setup to answer general questions.